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St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Richmond, Indiana

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Joyfully, we are once again able to come together to worship and celebrate the Eucharist.  


We gather at 10 AM on Sundays with appropriate safety measures (masks required) and physical distancing.


Our Mission

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Where All Are Welcome

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"When Anglicanism is at its best, its liturgy, its poetry, its music and its life can create a world of wonder in which it is very easy to fall in love with God."
-  Urban T. Holmes III


   The people of St. Paul's invite you to come and share our sacred space:

  • Come to enjoy the beauty of stained glass and carved wood, to sing hymns that capture the devotion of the early church and modern times, and to hear the Word of God proclaimed and preached.

  • Come especially to join us in prayer as we celebrate every Sunday the Holy Eucharist, our food and drink of eternal life.

  • Come to experience the holy and to fall in love with God.-  

  • We are a laughing and loving congregation, and we look forward to welcoming you among us!